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What happens to our brain in hypnosis?

Contrary to popular misconception, hypnosis is NOT sleep.

Brain scans show a change in brain activity during hypnosis. Our brain waves move to a lower frequency, often associated with dreaming (this is probably why so many people mistake it for sleep).

There is an increase in activity in the right side of the brain which is the creative side, and a decrease in activity on the left side which is associated with logic and reasoning.

The right side of your brain is driven

Top 5 Relationship Problems treated in my Hypnotherapy Clinic

If your relationship is suffering this Valentine’s Day, consider doing something about it through hypnotherapy.

Here are some of the common issues I help people with in my clinic

1)      Jealousy – Its a complex emotion and can exist for many different reasons but CAN be overcome. Learn to manage your ‘green eyed monster’ and enjoy a healthier, happier relationship as a result.

2)      Anger Problems – If you are struggling with anger, chances are you and your partner are struggling to communicate.

Single? Change your mindset to attract love

Is your mindset serving you well in the dating world or is it holding you back?

Are you

  • Held back by memories of a previous relationship?
  • Struggling with nerves so you can’t relax and enjoy yourself on a date?
  • Scared to start dating?
  • Caught up in fears and anxieties?
  • Feeling under confident?
  • Convinced you will never find someone?

If any of this sounds familiar you need to think about changing your mindset.

I can help you to boost your confidence and realise what you have to offer a potential

Trouble Sleeping?

You are not alone! It is estimated that 1 in 3 of us have trouble getting the amount of sleep which can cause knock on effects in many other areas of our lives.

Sleep problems continue to be one of the main issues I treat in my clinic. It is also one of the most rewarding for me as a therapist as your life can literally change once you are getting enough sleep.


It is usually quite quick and easy to change

Is your subconscious sabotaging your weight loss?

How to make your resolution a success in 2014

So you started the New Year full of enthusiasm and excitement for losing weight. You felt that nothing would get in your way – nothing would stop 2014 being your year to hit your ideal weight. You made it through some gym sessions and fitness classes and even thought you might come to enjoy them. But something has changed, the excitement has gone and now when you look at your measly salad