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Are you struggling with anxiety?

Is your worrying taking over your life?

Are you having panic attacks?


There may be a particular issue causing you anxiety or maybe you may feel you have always been an anxious person or a worrier. Regardless of the cause of your anxiety, it can be changed.

I use a checklist tool to measure the level of your anxiety on the first session and we will repeat this measure throughout the process of our work together to see how it changes.

We will work to reduce the physical symptoms of anxiety you feel, change your thoughts and mindset to be more optimistic and to learn how to manage anxiety whenever it does arise.
You will learn how to beat panic attacks by understanding the symptoms, preventing the trigger and remaining relaxed in the face of physical symptoms.

I often work on two levels; to reduce the general level of anxiety/panic you feel at the conscious and subconscious levels of your mind and to teach you techniques and coping mechanisms for everyday life.

Our first session will be an assessment where we can discuss your particular experience and I can devise a treatment plan specific to your needs.

Feel free to give me a contact me to find out whether I could help you.


Rebecca’s story
Rebecca told me that her life was being taken over by her worrying and anxiety. She was drained, losing weight and having tummy problems. A lot of her anxiety and worry had focused around her driving and so her drive to work everyday had become very traumatic.

She says ‘I can’t tell you the amount of things I used to worry about. It would be easier to say I pretty much worried about everything. I decided I wanted my life back and went to see Emma and I have never looked back, it was the best thing I have ever done. I could see the difference in myself right away and I had friends commenting on how different I was and how much brighter I seemed. My family and friends were amazed in the change. I have gone from being a nervous wreck not wanting to do anything to doing loads. I got the courage to change jobs, I drive anywhere now and I have booked to go to Canada to fly by myself to meet my friend. The best thing about all this is I feel happier and healthier but most of all I feel like me again. I cannot thank Emma enough, she has changed my life and I would recommend it to anyone’.


Megan’s story
Megan had been struggling with severe IBS for 18 months and had been medicated by her consultant but was finding the symptoms were persisting and her anxiety about the symptoms was worsening. Her consultant had told her that she needed to reduce her anxiety for her symptoms to improve. She felt stuck in a cycle of worrying about the symptoms and the symptoms worsening.

She says ‘When I look back to how I was when I first met Emma I can’t believe what a mess I was in. I was honestly thinking about giving up my job because I really didn’t think I could cope with it. Emma helped me to get a grip on my anxiety and it was amazing how quickly my IBS problem calmed down. I have got my life back and not only have I got a better job, I can go out with my fiends again and have fun’.