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Sheffield Sleep Clinic

Struggling to get to sleep?

Awake for long periods of the night?

Waking up in a panic?

You can learn to have a good quality sleep every night with at the Sheffield Sleep Clinic.

I provide assessment and treatment for all forms of insomnia and various other sleep problems.

In the initial assessment I will ask you questions about your current sleep situation and lifestyle as well as take details of any medication you are taking. I may ask you to keep a sleep diary or use a sleep monitor to get a more detailed understanding of your difficulties.

I will then devise a treatment plan specific to your needs.

Commonly this might focus on things like

  • Managing unhelpful thoughts
  • Understanding the sleep cycle and how we can positively influence it
  • Reducing the fear and anxiety associated with sleep
  • Changing unhelpful or unwanted behaviours
  • Creating positive associations to sleep and bedtime


I use a combination of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approaches to help you achieve your good nights sleep.

We were born knowing how to sleep, but for some of us, the modern world or the way our mind works can interfere with this. Our main goal is to retrain your brain to enjoy a restful night’s sleep.


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Hannah’s Story – Insomnia
Hannah was managing 3-4 hours sleep on a good night. It would usually take her at least 3 hours to get to sleep and some nights she didn’t sleep at all. She found that she could often drop off in front of the TV but would be wide awake when she went to bed. She described feeling that she was seeing the world through a mist and couldn’t concentrate properly or remember things due to her tiredness. She was very tearful and frustrated with herself most days and constantly felt worried about how she would cope with the day.She says:‘I am now sleeping soundly for 8 hours a night which is far more than I ever expected. In many ways it has exceeded my goals as I believed I would never sleep well again. I feel that the experience has been beyond positive and I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who suffers from insomnia. Thank you so much Emma for taking the time to listen to my worries and for helping me to reach my goal. I really feel that you have totally changed my life’.


Helen’s Story – sleep anxiety
After the birth of her first child, Helens sleep routine was disrupted which led to her developing intensely anxious feelings around sleep and night time. She felt panic when there was anyone else in the room meaning her husband was sleeping in another bed and she didn’t feel able to stay with parents or friends. She had had a number of panic attacks when awake in the night.She says:‘I really couldn’t imagine there was a way out of these problems until I made contact with Emma. Within a few sessions my husband was back in our bed and I felt calm and relaxed going to sleep. I have even been on holiday for a few days with friends and didn’t panic about sleeping at all’.


Caroline’s story – Anxiety and Insomnia
Debbie was stuck in a cycle of anxiety and insomnia. The more anxious she was, the less she slept and therefore the more anxious she became. She was experiencing a lot of physical symptoms linked to anxiety and sleeplessness and this was making it difficult for her to function at work and to do anything in her own time. Our first measurement of her anxiety symptoms was 64 which is classed as extreme anxiety. 8 weeks later we repeated the measure and the resulting score was 9.She says:‘I am really glad I had this sleep problem as it made me confront the things that weren’t working for me in my life and put them right. Emma helped me to relax and learn to think differently about myself so I could deal with things better. I am now sleeping properly and I am so much healthier and happier than I was only a short time ago’.


Richard’s Story – 7 years of insomnia
It had been 7 years since Richard had experienced a full nights sleep. His problems started after suffering a bereavement but became steadily worse over time. Richard was only getting4 hours sleep a night with sleeping tablets and around half an hour without. Then his GP told him he had to stop taking the tablets so he decided to try a different approach.He says:‘At times it was like I was going mad. I would be so tired but would wake up as soon as I got into bed. My head would be buzzing with thoughts and I didn’t seem to be able to calm them down. I was also really sensitive to light and to noise so the slightest thing would wake me up if I did manage to drop off. I was really feeling the negative effects of sleep deprivation; low motivation, poor concentration, anxiety and panic attacks. I had been to see a counsellor and to various NHS sleep clinics my doctor recommended but nothing helped. They questioned whether I was depressed but I didn’t feel it, I was just exhausted. I decided to try something different and I contacted Emma. By the third session, things had drastically improved. I was managing between 4 and 7 hours a night without medication which was nothing short of a miracle for me, especially since between the first few sessions I had suffered another significant bereavement. By the 5th session I was sleeping 7-8 hours a night which was confirmed by the sleep monitor I had been wearing. The sessions were relaxing and enjoyable and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner’.