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Single? Change your mindset to attract love

Is your mindset serving you well in the dating world or is it holding you back?

Are you

  • Held back by memories of a previous relationship?
  • Struggling with nerves so you can’t relax and enjoy yourself on a date?
  • Scared to start dating?
  • Caught up in fears and anxieties?
  • Feeling under confident?
  • Convinced you will never find someone?

If any of this sounds familiar you need to think about changing your mindset.

I can help you to boost your confidence and realise what you have to offer a potential partner. Stop asking ‘what if they don’t like me’ and start asking ‘is this person deserving of me’?

I can also help you to overcome fears of judgement or fears of being hurt which might be holding you back, perhaps subconsciously.

Once you have an acceptance for yourself and confidence in what you have to offer and what you want, things will start to change.

Learning mindfulness skills can help you to remain calm and relaxed on a date and stop nerves from getting the better of you.

QUICK TIP – Mentally rehearse a date in your mind before the event and imagine yourself being confident and calm. This will give your mind a blueprint of how to be when the time comes.


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