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Is your subconscious sabotaging your weight loss?

How to make your resolution a success in 2014

So you started the New Year full of enthusiasm and excitement for losing weight. You felt that nothing would get in your way – nothing would stop 2014 being your year to hit your ideal weight. You made it through some gym sessions and fitness classes and even thought you might come to enjoy them. But something has changed, the excitement has gone and now when you look at your measly salad on your lunch break you are full of the urge to go to the local shop and gorge on all the chocolate and crisps you can find. The gym feels as appealing as sticking pins in your eyes. Your weight loss has slowed so much its hardly noticeable or even worse it’s started creeping back on. The thought of keeping this up for the next few months makes you want to retreat to your bed with a bottle of wine and a takeaway menu.


What’s gone wrong?

This IS normal and chances are you have fallen into this trap before. Friday 24th January is ‘Fail Friday’ when the UK is expected to collectively lose their willpower for the resolutions they began with such vigour only 24 days ago. Losing weight is thought to be the most common resolution, yet only 3% of the population keep it for the full 12 months!


But there is hope…

Don’t despair, with a few adjustments and refocusing you can get back on track. Try these tips…

* Remind yourself of why you set about making this change. Make the vision of reaching your goal as real as you can – use a scrapbook or pinboard to add pictures and photos to of what you will wear, how you will feel when you have achieved your goal. Look at it every day, keep it in the forefront of your mind and make your vision a reality.

* Be specific about your goal – what are you going to do differently today?

* Be realistic – try to focus on how much your fitness will change over time by building up your exercise routine rather than exhausting your body in one day.

* Use positive affirmations. Repeat the following on a regular basis ‘every day I am losing weight, becoming healthier and moving closer to my goal’

* Achieve balance and enjoy yourself – treats don’t have to involve food so make sure you reward yourself by doing something you enjoy.

* When you feel temped to reach for the unhealthy foods, relax instead and let the craving pass. Download this free MP3 to help


The subconscious saboteur

If things are still feeling tough, don’t give up.

Did you know that around 85% of our choices and motivations are subconscious?

You may need to tackle what is happening in your subconscious mind to really make the changes you want.

“You can do anything. It’s your brain you have to convince”

The subconscious mind becomes fearful when we step outside of our comfort zone and try to make changes. This fear becomes more powerful than anything else – it completely overrides willpower and determination. The subconscious will go to any lengths to keep you safe.

Your subconscious may believe that food is the only pleasure you get or the only thing that is a true reward for working hard. Often these habits were formed when we were children and were rewarded for good behaviour with food.

Many of us have lost the ability to feel the full signals so never feel truly satisfied. We often eat in response to emotions like sadness, boredom or loneliness which further ruin your previously good intentions.


A simple hypnotherapy treatment plan can help you

* Learn to feel full after eating

* Tackle emotional eating and provide other coping mechanisms

* Boost motivation

* Enjoy healthy foods

* Tackle addictions and cravings

* Reduce your portion sizes

* Change your mind set for good


If you are ready to make your weight problems a thing of the past and make your subconscious work for you, contact me today. Quote ‘IM READY’ to receive 20% off all sessions booked before 28th February 2014 Email me at

Phone me on 07756430295


“Emma has helped me to tackle the deeper reasons for my weight problems and I feel more positive than I have in years. I have already lost weight but I know this will continue long after our sessions”


“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live” – Jim Rohn

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