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Top 5 Relationship Problems treated in my Hypnotherapy Clinic

If your relationship is suffering this Valentine’s Day, consider doing something about it through hypnotherapy.

Here are some of the common issues I help people with in my clinic

1)      Jealousy – Its a complex emotion and can exist for many different reasons but CAN be overcome. Learn to manage your ‘green eyed monster’ and enjoy a healthier, happier relationship as a result.

2)      Anger Problems – If you are struggling with anger, chances are you and your partner are struggling to communicate. Taming your anger helps you and your partner to talk about problems and get back on track.

3)      Getting over infidelity – So you have decided to stay with your partner despite their infidelity but you don’t seem to be able to let it go. The betrayal plagues your every thought. I can help you move past this and onto the next stage of your relationship.

4)      Sleeping problems – I meet many couples who are sleeping in separate bedrooms due to problems with insomnia or even panic attacks. This can significantly reduce the feelings of intimacy in a relationship. Facing these problems and seeking help should soon see you sharing the same bed again.

5)      Sexual problems – If your sex life has seen a dive there is hope. Hypnotherapy is quick and effective at helping people struggling with performance anxiety or intimacy issues.


GOOD NEWS – I have had clients in relationships on the verge of break up,  get engaged after working on the things causing a problem.

If you believe in your relationship and would like to find out if I could help you contact me


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