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I make it easy for you to discuss and improve psychological wellbeing in the workplace. With my support, your organisation can meet and exceed its duty of care, create a positive wellbeing culture and implement gold standard trainings and support packages for staff at every level.

Topics Such As:


▻ Stress Management


▻ How to optimise your sleep

▻ How to deal with sleep problems

▻ Stress and sleep

▻ Small tweaks to reduce stress

▻ Protecting sleep for parents

▻ Protecting sleep for shift workers

▻ Sleep and the menopause

▻ Dealing with self criticism


I am always happy to create bespoke trainings or workshops for your workplace and the challenges of your staff teams. Contact me to discuss your needs.

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Run Workshops Or Sleep Clinics In Your Workplace


 I am experienced in Consulting on:

▻ The creation of Wellbeing action plans
▻ Establishing Wellbeing rooms within workplaces

Designing and implementing:

▻ Workforce health checks and subsequent reports with recommendations, particularly in relation to sleep

▻ Online resource centres for staff to access on Sleep, Stress or Self Esteem

Designing and delivering:

▻ Workshops
▻ Conference presentations
▻ Drop-in centre

My Key Areas Of Focus Are:



It is estimated that the annual cost of lost sleep in the UK is £40billion and 200,000 working days lost in the UK every year due to insufficient sleep. When staff are at work, sleep deprivation causes reduced productivity and performance.

No business or organisation can afford to have a sleep deprived workforce or management structure.

As the founder and CEO of ‘Sleep Seekers’, my specialist subject is sleep so I can provide a range of services to support your staff and organisation in this area. Whether it be educating your workforce on how to optimise their sleep for optimum health and performance or supporting your staff struggling with insomnia, there is a solution for you. Please find out more about my sleep services for businesses and organisations by clicking here.



Empowering your staff with mechanisms and techniques for stress management is a powerful way to prevent staff burnout, particularly where the work situation and conditions of work cannot be changed. Many jobs and workplaces are inherently difficult and stressful so staff knowing how to protect themselves and their well-being is paramount.
My stress management work is based on 4 keys – changing the stressful situation when you can, changing your reaction when you can’t, learning how to take care of yourself and developing skills in rest and relaxation.



Proving support for staff around self esteem can be a powerful way to improve wellbeing. Issues around self esteem can create perfectionism, poor boundaries and lead to anxiety, low mood and sick leave. With some simple education and strategies, things can start to change. Through workshops we can also normalise these issues and open up conversations within teams which supports team building, mutual support and encouragement.

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What My Clients Are Saying


Lucy - Delegate

I was in the audience for your presentation at the Wellbeing Conference a few weeks ago and was really impressed by your input.


Best training day input in 17years service. Everything was explained 100% – Thank you.”

South Yorkshire Police Training Day

Fiona | Delegate

Thank you – That was so interesting!”


“The whole presentation was very well presented and informative. Clearly knowledgeable about the subject and some great tips to take away. Thank you”

South Yorkshire Police Training 


Everyone really enjoyed the day and talked about how they will continue to benefit from it. It was just as I hoped it would be so thank you very much.”

Stress Management Workshop for Social Services Team


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