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Ever wish you could switch off better from work?

Finding yourself battling with stress related symptoms on a regular basis?

Feeling overwhelmed, burnt out or desperate?

Learn to take control of your stress with this programme. Find out more…

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The total sleep reset programme is for you if you spend time during the night staring at the ceiling when you want to be asleep.

If you just don’t seem to be able to get your mind to stop.

If you have suffered with insomnia and sleepless nights for years.

If you get so anxious about your sleep and bedtime that you stop yourself from sleeping.

Basically, if you are really tired but STILL…CAN’T….SLEEP, this programme is designed for you.

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Would you love to learn to meditate but don’t know where to start?

Would you like to feel more calm, focused and in control of your reactions?

Does feeling more in control of your mind sound good to you?

This masterclass is for you…

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Fear is a normal part of our human existence, designed to keep us safe. However, sometimes the fear we feel is unnecessary and is just keeping us stuck. It stops us from stepping outside of our comfort zone, from saying ‘yes’ to adventures and from generally living the way we want to.

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Do you find that your mood takes a dive through the Autumn and Winter months?

Do you always find the colder and darker months take their toll on your wellbeing?

Do you think of half of the year as time you just have to survive but wish you could hibernate?

This masterclass is for you…

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Would you like to learn how to become more mindful?

Would you like to know how to use mindfulness to help you?

Would you like to be less distracted and able to focus more easily?

Being present literally gives you more life to live!

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