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Self Esteem


“Things can be very different when you make the decision to make a change..”

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Self Esteem Programme

The Self Esteem Programme Will Help You To:

Learn how to push yourself out of your comfort zone (if you want to) and open yourself up to opportunities. Over my years of experience in working with this issue, I have built up a system that works to guide you through this process step by step:

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Your difficulties and what is causing them

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the triggers you experience and what negative thoughts they are triggering within you

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in your thoughts and feelings so things do not impact you so significantly

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more helpful ways of thinking and reacting to situations to support you to feel good

About Emma

My interest in helping people to overcome challenges has always been a part of me.

I read books about therapy and personal development as a child and was fascinated by the potential we all have to live our best lives despite challenges we may face.

Training as a counsellor & Hypnotherapist..

(amongst other things) was a logical step for me and it helped me to build on my interests and passions. Over the years since establishing my private practice in 2011, I have worked with countless clients on widely varied issues. My goal is always to support you to move past whatever problems you are facing to find the state of peace and wellbeing you are looking for. I love to help you identify your strengths, develop coping mechanisms, learn how to better manage your thoughts and ultimately achieve your goals. I have developed my areas of specialism and my own unique methods that have been tried and tested over years of experience.

Feel Good

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Improve Self Criticism?

This programme is all about improving self esteem through examining how your mind is currently working which is resulting in low self esteem, changing it and then learning mechanisms to manage your mind and create a supportive mindset which naturally improves self esteem.

What Causes Self Criticism?

Self criticism is a pattern of thinking that your mind creates and then reinforces every day. When you are self critical, you can criticise yourself about anything and everything. Often it also means you compare yourself unfavourably to other people.

How To Overcome Self Criticism?

My mission is to help you overcome self criticism by getting really good at noticing what your mind is doing and then supporting you to learn how to reduce its importance and cultivate more helpful ways of thinking. You cannot underestimate how powerful this process is and how much it can change your experience of life.

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What My Clients Are Saying



I used to really dislike myself and had always thought there was something wrong with me. Through working with Emma I have learned to accept that I do not need to be perfect and that I can relax being the person I am. Sometimes I still need to use the techniques when my old perfectionist tendency starts to rear it’s head but this makes me feel I am in control. I am living a much happier life since my sessions with Emma.”


Emma helped me understand why I do this to myself and where it came from. She taught me how to calm the negative thoughts and replace with positive thoughts. I started my course with her crying all the time, towards the end I was smiling and laughing. It was worth every penny to me, it was an investment in my life.


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