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Other Issues

Struggling with anxiety?

Need a safe place to talk?

Fed up of constantly worrying?

Wish you could be more assertive?

As a Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Coach I can help you with a wide range of issues.

Sometimes you don’t feel sure of what is wrong but you know something needs to change.

In our first session we explore your feelings, your situation, what you feel unhappy with and what you would like things to be like. We then make a plan together as to how we will go about moving you towards what you want. Our work together is a collaborative process and I will want to know your preferences, ask for your feedback and we will amend our plan together at any time we need to.

If appropriate, I may also teach you skills and techniques which you can implement between sessions.

Please get in touch to discuss whether I am the right person to help you with your needs.

You can work with me in person in my Sheffield clinic or through sessions online.