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Self Esteem Programme – Sheffield Clinic or Online

Do you feel you are ‘not good enough’?

Are you constantly criticising yourself about things you have said and done?

Do you get anxious about social situations and new scenarios?

Are you holding yourself back from opportunities or doing what you really want to because you lack confidence?

Is your relationship under pressure due to your self esteem struggles?

If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, your life is probably significantly affected by this at the moment. Struggling with confidence and self esteem in this way leads to anxiety, low mood and a generally reduced quality of life.

You do not have to continue to live this way, things can be very different when you make the decision to make a change.

I help you to:

* Understand your situation and what is causing your difficulties

* Identify the triggers you experience and what negative thoughts they are triggering within you

* Intervene in your thoughts and feelings so things do not impact you so significantly

* Develop more helpful ways of thinking and reacting to situations to support you to feel good

* Learn how to push yourself out of your comfort zone (if you want to) and open yourself up to opportunities

Over my years of experience in working with this issue, I have built up a system that works to guide you through this process step by step.

Using a combination of mindfulness, CBT, NLP, hypnotherapy techniques and common sense, I teach you the strategies you need to not just feel better now, but to continue using throughout your life whenever you might need them.

You may have struggled with your self esteem since being a child, you may have had a situation trigger this more recently or you may have no idea when or why this problem started. We do not focus too much on the past (unless you want to), instead we simply draw connections and understanding from your life experience to help us to move forward in a more helpful way.

1-1 sessions in my Sheffield clinic or online

Working 1-1 we will first explore how you are feeling and what you are struggling with. I can help you to understand your situation in the context of your specific circumstances and experiences. We will then work through breaking down your old beliefs and triggers before building in more helpful ways of thinking and reacting.

This is a collaborative process and I will be asking you to feed back to me on how you are finding it and what you want to focus on.

I ask you to practice short and simple techniques and strategies between sessions and I may ask you to complete short exercises to support your sessions.

1-1 sessions with me online or in person cost £60 per session.

Around 6 sessions is average for working on this issue. Some people choose to have more or less and some people choose to go on to work on another problem.

Contact me to enquire about whether this is right for you and my availability.


Catherine’s story

Catherine was finding it very upsetting that she was feeling distant from her husband as a result of an event that had hugely knocked her self esteem. She had been trying to find ways to solve this problem but felt she was getting nowhere. She decided to come for a few sessions of therapy to try to move past this issue.

She says ‘I had a bad experience that left me holding on to some anger and low self esteem which was presenting itself as resentment towards my husband and a loss of intimacy in our relationship. Emma very sympathetically and professionally helped me to let go of this issue and to change what had become habitual behaviour. I am very pleased indeed that, thanks to Emma, I am finding happiness in my marriage once again’.


Jenny’s story

Jenny had struggled with perfectionism for as long as she could remember. She found that her extremely high expectations for herself meant that she always felt she was failing and her belief about herself was ‘I am not good enough’. Her self esteem was extremely low and he found that she was constantly tense, not sleeping well and feeling upset and anxious on a regular basis.

She says ‘I used to really dislike myself and had always thought there was something wrong with me. Through working with Emma I have learned to accept that I do not need to be perfect and that I can relax being the person I am. Sometimes I still need to use the techniques when my old perfectionist tendency starts to rear it’s head but this makes me feel I am in control. I am living a much happier life since my sessions with Emma.