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Stress Reduction Programme – Sheffield Clinic or Online

Ever wish you could switch off better from work?

Do you find yourself battling with stress related symptoms on a regular basis?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, burnt out or desperate?

Are you sick of grinding through every day with little or no sense of enjoyment?

Don’t see how things can change because you can’t change your circumstances?

You do not have to continue to live this way, things can be very different when you make the decision to make a change.

Stress is an inevitable part of life. Most of us can’t simply get rid of stressful things in our lives so we simply have to learn how to manage stress better in order to feel well, and thrive in the modern world.

I can help you to take responsibility and empower yourself with the best tools, techniques and strategies to reduce the impact of stress in your life.

By making small, simple changes in your life you can see really big results in how you feel without needing to change your job, abandon your family or spend a fortune on spa breaks.


There are 4 main stages to how I help you to reduce and better manage your stress and overwhelm. They are

Recognition – Understand stress, gain clarity, recognise what is happening to you and recognise your triggers.

Resolution – Discover how to change your stress experience without having to change anything drastic about your life (it’s easier than you might think)

Reduction – How to reduce your stress now and feel better

Resilience – Protect yourself from stress every day by using simple techniques. Learn how to feel in control of how you feel


I will use an assessment tool to measure your stress related experiences and symptoms so we work together we can keep a track of your progress and any areas needing extra focus.

I offer a safe space to explore your feelings and what is bothering you. This opportunity to step back from your day to day life and really talk can be invaluable for finding some answers.


I use a combination of mindfulness, CBT, NLP, hypnotherapy techniques and common sense to teach you the strategies you need to not just feel better now, but to continue using throughout your life whenever you might need them.

It does not matter why you find yourself feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Equally it does not matter if you have no idea why you are feeling that way. Many people come along because they are experiencing physical symptoms which have been attributed to stress yet they are not aware of feeling stressed at all. Whatever your experience, I believe the most important thing you can do is empower yourself and take some control of how you are feeling.


There are 2 ways you can work with me to reduce your stress and feel better:


1-1 sessions in my Sheffield clinic or online


Working 1-1 we will first explore how you are feeling and what you are struggling with. I can help you to understand your situation in the context of your specific circumstances and experiences.

This is a collaborative process and I will be asking you to feed back to me on how you are finding it and what you want to focus on. We will also use an assessment tool to measure your stress related experiences and symptoms.

I ask you to practice short and simple techniques and strategies between sessions and I will ask you to complete short exercises to support your sessions.

1-1 sessions with me online or in person cost £60 per session.

Around 6 sessions is average for working on this issue. Some people choose to have more or less and some people choose to go on to work on another problem.

Contact me to enquire about whether this is right for you and my availability.


Self guided online programme


The ‘Your Stress Matters’ online programme allows you to work through this process under your own steam, in your own timeframe. It contains all of the information, exercises and worksheets that you need to transform your experience of stress.

Once you enrol and pay for the programme, you will be given immediate access so you can get started straight away. You have ongoing access so you do not need to worry about completing it in a certain timeframe –  you can take your time and you can even go back and revisit sections as often as you like.

The ‘Your Stress Matters’ online programme costs £197.

Find out more here


Peters Story
Peter had responsibilities at work that he had always enjoyed until he started to feel his body was letting him down. He had been struggling with feeling dizzy and legs feeling like jelly. He described that he was struggling to focus on what people were saying in meetings and was avoiding them as much as possible. He felt constantly worried about symptoms coming on and he had lost his confidence to walk across the office to the photocopier. Peter was suffering from very high stress but was very confused by all of his symptoms.
He says ‘Emma described what was happening to me in a way that made sense and this helped me to feel able to tackle the problem. Emma was a very good listener and tailored her therapies to my needs resulting in noticeable improvements after only a couple of sessions. I applied the methods she taught me both at home and at work and I now feel so much better with no signs of the stress symptoms I had been experiencing’.


Linda’s story
As a teacher, Linda was finding she was extremely busy throughout the week and when it came to weekends she felt so exhausted she couldn’t enjoy herself. She said she always got ill in the school holidays and never felt she was able to relax. She had started experiencing physical symptoms like digestive discomfort and a tight chest. She felt particularly unnerved by tingling in her hands which her GP had reassured her was related to stress. She felt that her job meant she would not be able to reduce stress and she therefore had no way of getting better.
She says ‘My job has not changed but I now feel I am working smarter, not harder. Emma has helped me to look at my habits and the structure of my week to make it work better and keep me well all through the term. I have also learned simple tricks and tips to keep me feeling optimistic and calm. The stress test Emma uses really helped me to acknowledge just how stressed I was when I first arrived for help and has helped me to see the steady progress I have made. Now my stress levels are low and we are already half way through the half term!’.