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Your Stress Matters Programme

All The Tools You Need To Reduce The Impact Of Stress In Your Life

 Being part of the modern world naturally brings with it a certain amount of stress, before we even think about considering jobs, businesses, families, children, colleagues etc.

A certain amount of stress is an inevitable part of life. Most of us can’t simply get rid of stressful things in our lives so we have to learn to manage our stress better in order to feel well and thrive in the modern world.

The ‘Your Stress Matters’ Programme exists because I know that it is absolutely possible to drastically improve your everyday experience of life without having to make huge sacrifices – I have done it for myself and I have supported hundreds of others to do it too.

You can take responsibility and make the decision to empower yourself with the best tools, techniques and strategies to reduce the impact of stress in your life.

The content of the programme is broken down into 4 distinct sections which follow my framework of the 4 R’s of Stress Management:

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Understand stress, gain clarity, recognise what is happening to you and recognise your triggers

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Discover how to change your stress experience without having to change anything drastic about your life (it’s easier than you might think)

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How to reduce your stress now and feel better

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Protect yourself from stress every day by using simple techniques. Learn to feel in control of how you feel

About Emma

My interest in helping people to overcome challenges has always been a part of me.

I read books about therapy and personal development as a child and was fascinated by the potential we all have to live our best lives despite challenges we may face.

Training as a counsellor & Hypnotherapist..

(amongst other things) was a logical step for me and it helped me to build on my interests and passions. Over the years since establishing my private practice in 2011, I have worked with countless clients on widely varied issues. My goal is always to support you to move past whatever problems you are facing to find the state of peace and wellbeing you are looking for. I love to help you identify your strengths, develop coping mechanisms, learn how to better manage your thoughts and ultimately achieve your goals. I have developed my areas of specialism and my own unique methods that have been tried and tested over years of experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Stress Affect The Body?

Stress is the body’s reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response. The body reacts to these changes with physical, mental, and emotional responses. Stress is a normal part of life. You can experience stress from your environment, your body, and your thoughts.

What Are The Symptoms Of Stress?

There are so many ways that stress can show itself in your life, often in ways that you wouldn’t first associate with stress. I like to split the common symptoms into 4 areas.

Physical Symptoms: Aches and pains, digestive issues, nausea, dizziness, chest pains, racing heart, loss of libido, frequent illness.

Cognitive Symptoms: Struggling with memory, inability to concentrate, poor judgement, poor decision making, having a negative outlook on life, racing thoughts, worrying.

Emotional Symptoms: Moodiness, irritability, short temper, agitation, inability to relax, feeling overwhelmed, feeling lonely or isolated, low mood.

Behavioural Symptoms: Change in appetite, sleeping too much or struggling to sleep, isolating yourself, procrastinating, self medicating with alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or something else, nervous habits.

How Can I Reduce Stress?

Making small changes on a consistent basis can drastically change your experience of stress. These small changes need to help you to get in control of the stress you are experiencing in order to reduce it, but then crucially build resilience to protect you from stress moving forwards. My methods for achieving this are largely based in the 4 keys of stress management : change the situation where you can, change your reaction, learn to proactively take care of yourself, learn to effectively rest and relax. Everything I teach is broken down into bitesized exercises and techniques so it always feels doable and builds momentum.

How To Cope With A Stressful Job?

I believe that the more busy and stressful your life or your job, the more skills you need to have to protect yourself against that stress. As the demands on you increase, your toolbox needs to expand to properly protect you in meeting this challenge. I also believe that everyone should have a strategy for managing stress and this

should be strengthened at extra busy or stressful times. Most people just hope for the best which never works and leaves you simply fire fighting symptoms. I aim to teach you simple techniques that are easy to implement but that give you a strong foundation to stay healthy and happy in the face of a stressful job or life.

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What My Clients Are Saying



The programme really helped me to realise how much of an impact stress was having on my life and to understand myself and the symptoms I’d been experiencing so much better. It has given me so many helpful approaches and tools to really improve things for myself. Lots of small changes have had a huge impact for me. Because the videos and exercises are broken down into quite short chunks I found that I could fit it in to my days easily even if I only had 10 minutes to spare some days. I can’t recommend this programme enough to people, it has helped me to feel so much better on a daily basis and I’m sure it would do the same for anyone who is struggling with stress.


I think that the course is excellent, and I’m really pleased that I signed up for it. I really like the fact that the modules are generally quite short and punchy. An amazing amount of content is covered. I find that the worksheets are also useful and well thought out.


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